Fall Wedding Ideas

Fall Wedding Ideas

Fall wedding ideas with pinecone favors, a caramel apple bar or cider served in a hollowed out apple with a cinnamon stick will WOW your guests. There are so many cute ideas in nature that you can incorporate into your fall wedding that your guests will enjoy and remember. I have always like non-traditional weddings. If I had to get married all over again, which I don’t plan on, I would do something out of the ordinary with the whole wedding. A fall wedding is telling us that summer is over, get ready for the winter weather and cold, at least where I live.  The colors are so vibrant in the fall that your fall wedding can keep those vibrant colors like, red and orange or go with a more laid back color like the bronze family. When we think of a fall wedding, we think of leaves turning, pumpkins, hot apple cider and a cozy fire.  Why not incorporate those ideas into your fall wedding.  I found some cute ideas for your fall wedding that I hope you enjoy.


So do pine cones.
Simple Fall Wedding name cards with pinecones.

Adding white tips to these pinecones gives it an extra touch.

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Adding a hanging tag gives these name cards dimension.

pinecone escort cards    Venue, Event Coordination   Catering by metropolisballroom.com/, Photography by cristinagphoto.com/index2.php
These are too cute for a fall wedding and also couples who like to camp.

Or a caramel apple bar.
These caramel apples not only taste good but they look cute too.

These caramel apples are the cutest. The groom apple goes to the men and the bride apple goes to the women.

This is more creative but a great way to incorporate your colors into the favors.

The favors can be displayed all on one table or at each seat where your guests eat.

Apples can be wrapped with the bride and groom’s name and date of the wedding.

Serve cider in hollowed-out apples.
These look so good and are really cute. Maybe make some with spiced rum but don’t forget to mark them “booze added”.

Display table numbers on pumpkins.
Another simple but cute idea for a fall wedding. The wedding party can help with the carving while they drink and test the spiked rum apple cider.

This centerpiece adds color and extra eye appeal.

Candles with pumpkins are great for fall weddings.
Add a little dimension with small pumpkins hanging from a glass vase. You can also add a candle to the top instead of the branch.
Bronzing your gourds and pumpkins adds a glamour touch and bronze is a great fall wedding color.

Pumpkin and Gourd Candle Holder Centerpieces
Carve a hole in the top of your pumpkins for fun votives. Keep candles at the serving table unscented so your guests can smell the great food you are serving and paid a whole lot of money for.$$$$$

All in a row gives the centerpieces a more traditional look.