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Gluten Free appetizers, dessert, meals and drinks for gluten allergies.  I learned what gluten free meant when my husband was diagnosed with celiac disease two years ago.  Since then my sister in law, nephew and a couple of nieces have been diagnosed.  When people say they are on a gluten free diet to loose weight I say, “What”?  A GF diet is not lower calories than regular foods. Living in a GF house is easier than making foods with and without gluten.  Cross contamination is just as bad as eating gluten, so I went gluten free also. Going out to dinner is sometimes tricky but you learn what restaurants will work with you and who will not. Eating GF is good for you with lean meats, veggies and fruit since they naturally contain no gluten.  Pastas, breads, cookies, candy and snacks, usually are not gluten free.  GF foods are not fat free or sugar free.  They have many more calories than the regular versions. See the list below for gluten free flours that are used in baking.  Since the big “Gluten Free” hype came about there are more products available to replace the regular items.  Below are gluten free recipes that I have made myself.  I have listed drinks, desserts, appetizers, Jello and pudding shots. Wine, alcohol and their mixer like juice naturally contain no gluten. Beer is is made with barley which has gluten in it.  Check out my gluten free product list of items and beers that I have tried and where to buy them. Giant Eagle food store has been great to work with and I’m so glad I have one in my area.  If you have any questions you can call the number on the package and someone from the lab will get to you with whatever info you need for their products. APPETIZERS AND DESSERTS Popcorn Party Mix Chocolate Fudge Fetti Cake Popcorn Rolo Pretzel Delights Amaretto Soaked Cherries Gluten Free Chicken Fingers Microwave Popcorn Nutrition Values Ambrosia Fruit Salads 12 Layer Jello – Looks great with your wedding colors for the wedding shower Salads Lime Green Jello Recipe with pineapples, walnuts and apples Homemade Ice Cream DISHES Chili Chicken Paprikash Salad With Fruit, Nuts and Chicken Rigatoni Progresso Soups Quinoa Salads DRINKS Martini’s June Bug Drink Dead Little Green Frogs Drink Margarita’s Lemon Blast Party Drink Apple Pie Cider With Everclear Smoothies Dandy Blends (Herbal 100% Caffine Free Coffee, Instant or Brewed) JELLO AND PUDDING SHOTS Pudding Shots Jello Shots Jello shots made in fruit Peanut Butter Cup Shots Bragg Products - They have all natural, organic, gluten free salad dressings, vinegars, soy sauce, marinates and more.  I have tried the Liquid Aminos, natural soy sauce and Braggberry dressing and marinate.  They are excellent soy protein product.  Their products are recommended by Bob Harper from Biggest Loser.  I use the Liquid Aminos for stir fry’s and fish and the Braggberry fat free, salt free and gluten free for salads and marinates. GLUTEN FREE FLOURS WHOLE GRAIN FLOURS brown rice flour buckwheat flour corn flour mesquite flour millet flour oat flour quinoa flour sorghum flour sweet potato flour teff flour WHITE FLOURS/STARCHES arrowroot flour cornstarch potato flour potato starch sweet rice flour tapioca flour white rice flour NUT FLOURS almond flour chestnut flour coconut flour hazelnut flour BEAN FLOURS fava bean flour garbanzo bean flour kinako (roasted soy bean) flour gluten free chili GF Chili in a crock pot.