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Wedding Songs for the Mother Son Wedding Dance, Father Daughter Dance and the Bride Groom First Dance. Our original wedding songs with their heartfelt lyrics will be a perfect addition to your wedding day. Read the lyrics and listen to sound clips for all the wedding songs below.



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From The Heart


Mother Son Wedding Songs
I’ll Always be Your Mother

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Mother Son Wedding Dance Songs

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Original Wedding Songs for the Mother Son Wedding Dance  is perfect for all weddings. Our Mother Son Wedding Song CD includes both the traditional and country versions along with their instrumentals.

This is a special day
When two are joined as one
I love my new daughter
I’ll always love you son
Care for each other
Be faithful till the end
Follow what’s in your heart
May you always stay best friends Read More

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1 Traditional/Vocals
2 Traditional/Instrumental
3 Country/Vocals
4 Country/Instrumental

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Mother Son Wedding Song Customer Review:
“I looked for 3 months for a song for my son not until today did I find yours. It felt right; most were just everyday songs like “You Light Up My Life” etc… I would rather have written one about what a little monster he was as a teen. lol Hurry up and write more. lol. My son is 32 he is the one marrying in Sept. I’ve been searching for a song to dance with my son next year at his wedding. When I came across this…I was speechless. The words are perfect…and what a wonderful tribute from a Mom to her Son as she hands him off to the next woman in his Life.”

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Father Daughter Wedding Song
I’ll Always be Your Daughter

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Father Daughter Dance Wedding Songs

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A Father Daughter
Wedding Dance Song
written as a duet. Heartfelt words that describes a father daughter bond.

This is your wedding day that you’ve been dreaming of.
I see your happiness with this new man you love.
I haven’t lost a daughter I’m welcoming a son.
It’s your special day for two the journey has begun. Read More

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Father Daughter Customer Reviews
“My daughter let me pick the song we were to dance to for the father and daughter dance. I found I’ll Always Be Your Daughter and played it for her. She looked at me and said, it is perfect. The song was meant for us.”

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First Dance Wedding Song
Two Little Words

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Bride & Groom First Dance Song

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A First Dance Wedding Song written as a bride and groom duet

You are the man, to keep me warm at night
Baby, hold me tight
You are the man, who loves me as I am
You’re my best friend
As my love for you grew Read More

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2 Instrumental

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First Dance Customer Reviews
My future husband asked me to find a first dance wedding song that described our relationship. I played Two Little Words for him and we both agree that it will be perfect for our first dance song.  I told my future mother in law about your site and we decided to order all three songs. They are so personal and so right for my wedding, they will be a great addition. Thank you for sharing your words with others. Amanda and Family

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Best wishes to all mothers and sons, fathers and daughters, bride and grooms on their special wedding day.  I hope my mother son songs, father daughter song and my bride groom first dance wedding song touch your heart like they did mine. I enjoyed writing all my original wedding songs and I specially enjoyed dancing with my son on his special day.