Amaretto Soaked Cherries

Amaretto Soaked Cherries In White Chocolate

Amaretto Soaked Cherries dipped in white chocolate are awesome and a great addition to any party.  I make mine with maraschino cherries instead of fresh, it’s just much easier and they are already pitted. Amaretto soaked cherries are an awesome red and white color. They look great at a winter bachelorette party and also a holiday wedding like 4th of July.

I first saw the amaretto soaked cherries at a wedding shower for Memorial weekend.

How To Make Amaretto Soaked Cherries

To make the amaretto soaked cherries I first soak the cherries in the Amaretto for 5-7 days. You can use all Amaretto or do a combination of Amaretto and cherry vodka, yummy!

I drain the Amaretto from the cherries and let them sit in a strainer in the frig for a few hours then blot them with paper towels. Chocolate and water don’t mix well so get them as dry as possible.

Whatever you are dipping in chocolate, it needs to be dry so the chocolate doesn’t clump up. I melted my white chocolate in my Wilton Chocolate Melter. I added a small amount of coconut oil to thin the chocolate.

I dipped the cherries and let them harden and I dipped them again. The more chocolate the better is what I always say. Make sure you put the finished Amaretto soaked cherries on something that is non-stick like wax paper or parchment paper lined on a cookie sheet. If you put them on a plate all the chocolate will stick to the plate and is a pain to get off. Been there done that.

The guests at the wedding shower couldn’t figure out what the alcohol was in Amaretto soaked cherries but they knew they liked it and it had a kick. Amaretto has a sweet flavor and is made from the base of apricot pits or almonds or sometimes both. The guests weren’t quit sure what the white chocolate was either but it kept them guessing. They are definitely a conversation piece.

Amaretto Cherries With A Kick

I am making the Amaretto soaked cherries this weekend for a party and am soaking the cherries in cherry vodka and amaretto.  That will make them a little stronger due to a lot of guys coming and Me.  Haha  I’m also making Jell-O shots for the party and some other alcohol related goodies.  Amaretto Soaked Cherries are gluten free if using the right chocolate, check your ingredients. Most chocolate is gluten free. Amaretto soaked cherries dipped in white chocolate can be made a day or two before. See my pudding shot recipes.

Amaretto Soaked Cherries in White Chocolate