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Wedding Stories of 2015

10 Most Touching Wedding Stories Of 2015

This past year, we profiled extraordinary couples who triumphed and overcame all odds to get married, as well as those who opened their hearts and helped those in need. Their kindness, resilience and unwavering courage serves as a reminder of what’s truly important on the wedding day.

Top Wedding Stories of 201510. Couple honors late son in their wedding photos in the most amazing way.
This couple’s eight-year-old son, Lake, lost his battle with leukemia five months before their wedding day. The bride, Anna Bozman, wanted a way to represent that he was still with them every step of the way, so after the wedding, her photographer, Brandy Angel, incorporated a faded picture of Lake into a photo with the rest of the family. “Although I felt [Lake]’s presence that day and I was actually happy, it was almost unbearable to take family pictures without him,” Bozman wrote in a Facebook post. “I could feel my emotions taking over after the ceremony when it was time to take pictures… I needed this picture more than [Angel] or anyone could ever know. THIS is my family. And we will be together again.”

9. This couple recreated their wedding photos for their 40th anniversary.
How do you celebrate 40 years of wedded bliss? This couple decided to take their wedding-day attire out of storage and recreate some of their favorite photos from their wedding day! “They met in a bar called The Lower Level and his first words to here were, ‘You wanna boogie?'” their son, Jay Johnson, shared on Reddit. “If that isn’t the start of a great love story, I don’t know what is.”

8. Flower girl and ring bearer marry 20 years after first walking down the aisle together.
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