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Children songs that are fun to dance to.Children Songs of Zoo Animals is a new project that I have been working on.  “Zoo Animal Songs” are kids songs that are educational with a pop vibe for kids of all ages. I kept playing the same old  songs for my granddaughters and thought it was time to rewrite children songs to have more of a contemporary sound. My two granddaughters were my inspiration for all the children songs.  They both like the zoo, like to dance and they both love animals. So, my journey begins. I sat down and started to write children songs about animals that were upbeat like you hear on the radio. My granddaughters listen to the pop radio stations and love the music.  I thought what would be better than to give my granddaughters and other kids, songs that they can relate to both with music and lyrics.  All the children songs were recorded in the Cleveland, Ohio area with local musicians.  It’s been a fun project for both my granddaughters and myself. It made me smile when I first played the children songs for them and they danced and really got into the music. After playing the songs a few times, they already could sing the chorus and it brought a huge smile to my face and theirs.

“Zoo Animal Songs” (Fun Children Songs To Sing and Dance To)

1. Zoo Train
2. Imagination 
3. The Kangaroo Walk
4. Books and Songs
5. I Want a Monkey
6. Zoo Animal Rhyming Song
7. Planes and Trains
. Paws and Claws
9. Fun in the Sun
10. The Zoo

Visit to view lyrics and listen to sound clips.
CDs and MP3’s are available on the website.

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Children Songs Zoo Animal Songs Kid Songs Children Songs Zoo Animal Songs


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 12 reviews
Love The Pop Contemporary Songs

My kids love the CD and dance to it everytime we play it. I even get into the songs. We love the contemporary sound of them.

"I love this CD. My daughter dances to it every time it comes on. My favorite are the first five songs. I hope you write another CD."

"My daughter and grandkids loved the CD!!! My daughter is going to have Stages pre school listen to it! Thanks, Lynn"

"My kids love the songs! They think it's pretty cool and like that they all sound different. "

"I played the CD three times within the first few minutes when I first received it for my two boys, Dylan and Nathan. They danced to all the songs over and over. One of my favorites is The Kangaroo Walk."

by Mike and Debbie on Zoo Animal Songs For Kids

"We bought a CD for our grandkids to keep at our house. Our grandson Gavin was over and we played it for him. He said he loves the CD and wants one for his house too. He loved Planes and Trains, Fun in the Sun, Zoo Train, The Zoo and The Kangaroo Walk the best. We ordered another for him to take home. Thanks what grandparents do."

by Anonymous Baby Bonanza on Zoo Animal Songs For Kids

"I heard your songs playing as we were walking through the Baby Bonanza in Columbus. My son loves the zoo so I thought I'd check out what it was all about. He started to dance as soon as I brought him to your booth. I also loved the updated sound with music that relates to kids today. Great CD."

by Anonymous Baby Bonanza on Zoo Animal Songs For Kids

"I have small boys that I am trying to teach about rhyming. I heard your songs playing and thought it would be a good way to teach them. The song I heard playing was, The Zoo Animal Rhyming Song. The words are geared to kids of all ages and the music was great with upbeat tempos."

"The first thing I thought of when I heard these songs is that they are not the old songs that have been around for years. They are all updated songs that kids can relate to today both with the words and music."

"My grandkids will love the CD. My grandson loves trains and I know both my grandson and granddaughter will enjoy all the songs."

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