Cocktail Hour Ideas For Weddings

Cocktail Hour Ideas: Hors d’Oeuvres Everyone Will Love 

From classic favorites to quick snacks, these bite-sized treats will tantalize tastebuds

Cocktail hour is a wonderful time to get creative with your wedding menu. Have probably dreamed of serving your favorite comfort foods at your celebration, but you don’t want to offer mac and cheese? Dream up ways to convert your beloved foods into bite-sized treats to be tray passed at cocktail hour.

We’ve seen many cocktail hour bites include small-sized versions of the couple’s favorite foods, such as sliders. It’s also a good idea to offer lighter snacks to loved ones. You can including fresh fruit, shrimp cocktail, or a vegetable wrapped in prosciutto. Crostini appetizers are always a snack welcomed by guests.  And the toppings can range from meats and cheeses, to bruschetta, to any favorite food on top of slices of toasted bread.

Take a look at five popular categories of hors d’oeuvres below, and choose the option – or collection of options – that best fits your celebration.

Fruit Cocktail Hour Ideas

1. Fresh Fruit
Incorporating fresh fruit into your list of wedding appetizers will instantly refresh guests and provide a healthy alternative to heavier hors d’oeuvres. Especially ideal for a daytime celebration or summertime fête, skewers of your favorite fruits or tea-sized sandwiches featuring fresh peaches will delight guests.

2. Classic Favorites
You really can’t go wrong by serving bite-sized versions of classic favorites to wedding attendees. Personalize wooden picks with your initials or serve up your favorite tacos.

3. Comfort Food
Cocktail hour is a wonderful chance for you to offer some of your childhood favorites like maybe mac and cheese in a stylish, bite-sized presentation. Deep fry mac-and-cheese balls for a Southern wedding is perfect.

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