Father Daughter Wedding Song
“I’ll Always Be Your Daughter”

Father Daughter Wedding Song

I’ll Always Be Your Daughter Lyrics

This is your wedding day
That you’ve been dreaming of
I see your happiness
With this new man you love
I haven’t lost a daughter
I’m welcoming a son
It’s your special day for two
The journey has begun

You’ll always be my daughter.
My little baby girl
You stand beside your husband.
Uniting your two worlds
Look into his eyes.
For your future and new life
You’ll always be my daughter.
Today you’ve become a wife

A father’s love is special you guided me through life
From a little girl to a woman now into a wife
I married my best friend who’s loving and true
I married a man Dad that reminds me of you

I’ll Always Be Your Daughter
Your little baby girl
I’ll stand beside my husband
Uniting our two worlds
I’ll look into his eyes
For my future and new life
I’ll always be your daughter
Today I’ve become a wife.

Bridge – Daughter and Father
I’ll Always Be Your Daughter
And I’ll always be your Dad
We’ll cherish the memories
That father’s & daughter’s have
I feel like your little girl
As you dance with me tonight
This is our special moment
On my/your wedding night

I’ll Always Be Your Daughter
You’ll always be my daughter
I’ll/You’ll always be your/my daughter
Now Dad I’ve become a wife

A Father Daughter Wedding Song that is PERFECT for all weddings.


Our Father Daughter Wedding Song is written as a duet


1 Music/Vocals
2 Instrumental

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Beautiful father daughter wedding song, very very special.  I just order the father daughter song, I’ll Always Be Your Daughter and I will be singing it with my dad.  Can’t wait for my special moment with my dad, he is so special to me.  Caren

I absolutely LOVE your Father Daughter Wedding Song, I’ll Always Be Your Daughter, and I want to dance to it at my wedding!! It describes that relationship so well. I love how the dad sings at the beginning: “I haven’t lost a daughter I’m welcoming a son”! I just  love it!  Anonymous

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