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Father Daughter Dance Wedding Song
“I’ll Always Be Your Daughter”

Father Daughter Wedding Songs

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When searching for a father daughter wedding song try to  bring  back some of the cherished memories of a father and daughter
as she grows from his little girl into a woman. A father daughter song should bring back those special memories for both the father and his little girl who has now become a wife.  The daughter needs to know that her dad will always be there for her as she stands beside her husband. The father needs to know that he
hasn’t lost a daughter but is gaining the love of a son.  As his daughter and her new husband unite their two world’s and start
their new life together, she will always be his daughter, his little baby girl. A father daughter dance at the wedding, has been one of the most popular dances of all time.  When searching for the perfect father daughter song for your wedding, let the lyrics speak for them self as the bride dances with her father, their own special moment, on her wedding night.

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Father daughter wedding songs that are PERFECT to dance to at all weddings.

The father daughter wedding dance song is written as a duet and INCLUDES 2 TRACKS
1 Music/Vocals
2 Instrumental

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Beautiful song, very very special.  I just order the father daughter wedding song, I’ll Always Be Your Daughter and I will be singing it with my dad.  Can’t wait for my special moment with my dad, he is so special to me.  Caren

I absolutely LOVE your Father Daughter Wedding Song, I’ll Always Be Your Daughter, and I want to dance to it at my wedding!! It describes that relationship so well. I love how the dad sings at the beginning: “I haven’t lost a daughter I’m welcoming a son”! I just  love it!  Anonymous

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