Mother Son Wedding Dance Songs

“I’ll Always be Your Mother”


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A mother son wedding song needs to be special to both the mother and her son on his wedding day. When my son told me he was getting married in 2006 I was wondering if I could write a song for our mother son dance. I had just started to write songs and I thought it may be a challenge but I wanted to give it a shot.  I took everything into consideration about our mother son relationship, him as a little boy and who the man he was today. I didn’t want a mother son song that was mostly
about him as a little boy.  I wanted the focus of our
mother son dance song to be about the man is was
today and also about his new wife, my new daughter
in law. I wanted him to know that I would always be
there for him and I wanted him to be the best man he
could be to his new wife, his new best friend. They needed
to stand by each other, always be best friends, and trust in each other. My lyrics were perfect to both him and me. The
title was perfect, I’ll Always Be Your Mother, and it’s true.
He has now blessed me with two granddaughters who
are my two best friends and I love them very, very much.
When choosing a mother & son song, for the perfect groom, make sure the lyrics are perfect for the both of you.

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Mother Son Wedding Songs that are PERFECT to dance to at all weddings.

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Mother Son Wedding Songs CD
Includes 4 tracks with both the traditional and country versions along with their instrumentals.

1) Traditional/Vocals
2) Traditional/Instrumental
3) Country/Vocals
4) Country/Instrumental

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Customer Reviews 
Lynn,  It was very interesting to read how your CD’s came about.  I thought it was fantastic what you have done.  I can identify with you as I also graduated in 1974, married in 1975 and have 3 sons.  My youngest son is now getting married in August and can’t think of any mother son wedding songs that would be better for a mother -son first dance.  He is in the guards and has been gone a couple of tours- the last one to Iraq for nearly two years-so the song I pick has to be really special.  My sons are all so special, as I think you would agree.  Sharen

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