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Myrtle Beach Rules and Laws on Beach Side WeddingsMyrtle Beach Rules On A Beach Wedding: Most beach weddings will not require the issuance of a Special Event Permit. However, it is conceivable that a wedding could exceed the Special Event Permit threshold, and a permit would be necessary. The threshold for requiring a Special Event Permit is listed below:


  • Weddings with 500 or more participants.
  • Weddings with 101 or more chairs.
  • Weddings utilizing a tent.
  • Weddings that do not meet the standards listed below.

Myrtle Beach Rules and guidelines for a wedding requiring no permit are as follows:

  • The beach is considered a public area, and no one has exclusive use of any section of the beach. With this in mind, the following location issues are applicable:
    • No activities are allowed on the beach dunes.
    • No activities are allowed to block an emergency beach access.
    • Wedding must be conducted behind any established lifeguard umbrella lines.
    • Parking is allowed only in appropriate parking areas.
    • During the busiest beach season, May 1 through Labor Day, the following rules apply:
      • Weddings without chairs or other props, such as arbors, flower stands, arches, platforms, PA systems, etc. are allowed at any other time.
      • Weddings with chairs or other props, such as arbors, flower stands, arches, platforms, PA systems, etc., are allowed after 5:00 p.m. Setup is not allowed before 5:00 p.m.
      • Amplified sound is restricted to a portable system for use in the wedding ceremony.
      • All other federal, state, and local laws and ordinances must be adhered to.
    • A Horry County Business License is required for anyone who performs a service within the unincorporated areas of Horry County.
    • It is recommended that you not throw rice on the beach. There is also a county ordinance about feeding wild fowl, so throwing bird seed is also prohibited.
    • The releasing of Chinese lanterns is prohibited.
    • If you have additional questions, please contact Horry County Police Beach Patrol at (843) 915-7953.

Marriage Licenses – A South Carolina marriage license can be obtained from Horry County Probate Court. They can be reached at (843) 915-5370 or visit them at

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