Beach Weddings

There is no doubt that beach weddings are fun, casual and can be absolutely stunning. After all who doesn’t like the beach.  Imagine exchanging vows with the beautiful waves crashing as you say your I dos.    If your that type of person that doesn’t like her hair to be out of place, a beach wedding probably isn’t for you.  But if you don’t mind wind-tousled hair and sandy toes with seagulls flying, then a beach wedding is for you.  Ocean or beach weddings require careful planning. Consider these suggestion when planning your beach wedding.

#1 Weather

For those who are planning beach weddings along the east coast like Myrtle Beach, needs to stay away from hurricane season.  That usually starts in the fall.  Have a back-up plan in case of bad weather.  That goes for any outdoor weddings.

Usually beach weddings take place in warm or tropical climates. Consider what time of day would be the coolest to avoid sweating, heat and the beating sun.  In the morning or evening would be better choices for the ceremony.  Make sure you have shade for your guests and water if the temperatures are high.

#2 Noise for Public Beach Weddings

The crashing waves and sea gulls may be beautiful on vacation but they can be loud and disrupt when exchanging your vows.  You also have to consider there will be people walking and having conversations as they enjoy their vacation.  Kids can be very loud as they play in the sand and ride the waves.  If you are on a public beach you can have it roped off where the ceremony is to avoid this.

#3 Accessibility

Make sure grandma and grandpa can make the trip easy along with strollers if children are invited.  Consider how long and hard of a walk it is when booking the venue.  Also, consider any rentals you will have and can they easily be delivered and assembled.

#4 Food and Flowers

Consider the food you will be serving when it comes to heat, same goes for flowers.  You don’t want food items to spoil and your guests get sick.  It’s also a good idea to choose a frosting for your cake that can hold up in the heat.  Stay away from anything buttery.  You want nothing that can spoil easy and ruin the day for you and your guests.

#5 Permits

Some beaches require a permit and some don’t.  If you are having a beach wedding on private property you don’t have to worry about this.  You need to check with the city your beach wedding will be held for permits and laws.

#6 Venues

Consider looking into a one-stop venue that can accommodate the ceremony, reception and provide a place to stay for your guests. This will be a benefit for out of town guests.

If you’re looking for a Myrtle Beach wedding destination, Kingston Plantation Resort has it all.  They offer everything from advising to photographers.  Check out their site for prices and services.

Beach Weddings Myrtle Beach vrbo769183Kingston Plantation Resort Wedding Venue

Kingston Plantation Resort offers many options for your guests to stay.  There are hotels, villas and oceanfront condos.

We rent our 2 bedroom oceanfront condo through VRBO.  It is centrally located in the resort to make it an easy walk for your guests or the bride and groom.  There are many attractions, entertainment and activities to make it an extended vacation for those guess who want more from a destination wedding.

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