Wedding Planning Checklist

Wedding Planning Checklist For A Stress Free Day

A Wedding planning checklist helps make the wedding day go smooth.  If you are organized and have planned well, the big event will be a smash. Planning a wedding involves endless details, deadlines, family drama, and stress. Hopefully these tips will make your wedding day the perfect day you have always wanted.

Start A Wedding Folder / Journal: Collect pictures from magazines or online of dresses, cakes, new colors, center pieces, favors, gifts for wedding party or whatever you can find that inspires you. A great way to start your wedding planning.

What Is Your Budget: Biggest wedding planning tip! How much can you spend for the entire wedding?  Include the shower, favors, music, reception and everything you can think of. How much will you need to contribute and what you are getting from family?

Who Will Be In Your Wedding Party: Think of family, friends and don’t forget the ring barer and flower girl. Your wedding planning ideas don’t have to be traditional.  If you are the bride, you can have your best friend whether they are male or female.

How Many Guests:  Start a guest list from both sides of the family and friends. That will make an impact on your budget for your wedding planning.

Wedding Date and Venue: A big part of your wedding planning is to pick your wedding date and where do you want to have your wedding and reception. This will impact your budget the most. Work within your budget and be reasonable. Does your venue have booze or do you have to get that on your own.

Photographer, Music, Florist and Caterer: Ask friends and family for referrals.  Keep your budget in mind. Start booking!

Your Wedding Dress: Time to shop for your wedding dress. Make it you!  Do you like simple, lacey, white or ivory? Make sure it is in your budget and shop online if necessary. There are some great bargains out there.

Out of Town Guests:

If you’re having out of town guests, reserve a block of rooms and if you are giving them a welcome basket, start thinking of the gifts that will go in it. Check into transportation to and from the hotel, church and reception.

Wedding Favors and CenterpiecesWill you be giving favors at your reception? Start looking online for great ideas keeping your budget in mind. Some can be bought already made up or you can get family and friends together to make homemade ones. Centerpieces can be elaborate or very simple. Make sure you check on the height of the centerpieces so your guests and take to each other over them.

Wedding Invitations: Purchase your wedding invitations or you can make them. If making them from scratch, make sure you give yourself lots of time. Ask family and friends for their help. Send them out about 2 months before.

Bridesmaids Dresses: Start shopping for bridesmaids dresses and narrow some shops down. You can also search online for the best prices possible. Once you narrow down the look and color, include your wedding party for final decision.

Who Will Marry You: Book the officiant.  If you want a special person make sure you book them early. They can only do so many weddings in a day.


Start discussing where you want to go on your honeymoon. Will this be in your budget? If you are paying for your honeymoon, make sure you factor that into your budget.

Save-The-Date-Cards: Send these out 4-6 months before the wedding.

Cake: Start tasting wedding cakes. Ask family and friends for referrals. You can usually set up a time with the bakery for tasting or go to different bakeries and buy a piece of the cake. Share it with family and friends for their opinions.

Wedding Shower: Have your wedding shower 1-4 months before the wedding. If you are having out of town guests, check with them to see if they are coming in town and consider your shower date when they can be there. Or you may have two different showers, one where you live and one out of town.

Wedding Music:

Music is very important for your receptionChoose your music for the DJ or band. Keep in mind if you are having a mother/son dance, father/daughter dance or a bride groom first dance. Choose the music for the wedding and reception and if there are any songs that are special to you, make sure your DJ has them a head of time.  You don’t want surprises the day of the wedding.  Don’t assume he or she has certain songs.

Who Will Give The Toasts Or Speak At The Church: Make sure you give whoever is doing a reading or a toast plenty of notice so they can practice.

Place Cards: If you are having place seating cards you can find great ideas online. You can make them yourself or order them already made online.

Rings: Make sure you purchase your rings a head of time so they can be sized and ready to go on the wedding day.

Marriage License: Get your license a month or two before.

Wedding Planning Day Hair and Makeup:
Schedule your hair dresser a month or two before the wedding specially if one person is doing the whole wedding party. They will usually come to your house or you will have to go to their salon.

Vows: If you are writing your own vows think about what is important and what you really want to say to your soon-to-be husband or wife. Make it short and sweet.

Pictures: If you want certain pictures taken on your wedding day, get a list to the photographer.  It’s a good idea to assign a friend or family member to check on things like that so you don’t have to worry about it.  You will be busy enough.

Hopefully your wedding planning will go smooth with these suggestions.