Wedding Colors

Some Beautiful, Soft and Classic Wedding Colors

Wedding colors, some never go our of style and have been around for years.  Some colors are very trendy.  Black, White and Gold are classy, traditional and will go with any type of wedding.  The new wedding colors are incredibly chic, soft and romantic!  Choosing the right colors for your wedding day is a huge part of the style and theme.

Try to get a nice blend between the bridesmaids and groomsmen when incorporating the wedding colors. Bring the color palette into your flowers and bouquets as well. Small touches of your wedding colors can be brought into the decorations and tables. Don’t your colors on the cake too.

Here are some ideas to get you started.

Soft Grey, Pastel Pink Soft but yet makes a statement.

Champagne & Bordeaux Absolutely beautiful together.  Makes me want to have a drink!

Dusty Slate Blue, Beige Perfect blend of each color is striking.

Different Shades of Blue or Purple Can’t go wrong with any of these combinations.

Blush, Navy, Peacock & Gold The for of these wedding colors blend beautifully together.

Black, White & Gold Classy and sexy as always!

Navy, Bordeaux, Pink & Gold These 4 colors in the right amount can be stunning.

Red, Cream & Peach Would never paint my rooms with these 3 colors but for a wedding, their perfect.

Dusty Rose and Green Beautiful for outdoor weddings.

Dusty Blue and Deep Red Never thought to put these two together but they are beautiful..

Vintage Red and Peach These two colors don’t seem to go together at all, but they do.

Dark Blue and Mauve Always pretty together and makes a statement.

Champagne Gold and Wine Red Very elegant and so pretty.

wedding colorsHopefully these wedding colors and ideas can get you started planning your wedding.