Two Little Word”

Two Little Words








The first dance song should be special and personal to
the bride and groom as they dance at their wedding. The wedding first
dance songs are the most traditional wedding songs
and they have been for years. One of the highlights of the wedding reception is when the bride and groom do their first dance.

The first dance wedding songs lyrics should tell a story about the bride and groom’s life together as a couple and what their relationship means to each other. The song lyrics are celebrated as they dance together as husband and wife.

Two Little Words is the perfect song for a groom to tell his wife how he feels about her. The bride tells the husband how she feels about him as a man and moving forward with their lives together as husband and wife. The bride and groom celebrate their lives together through this song “Two Little Words“.

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A First Dance Song
For The Bride And Groom
On Their Wedding Day



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First dance wedding song reviews,

Two Little Words is exactly what my FH and I have been looking
for with a first dance wedding song.  The words describe us so well that it feels like the song was written especially for us.  Thanks for sharing your words.  Matt and Elise

I did purchase this first dance wedding song, Two Little Words for our wedding day.  I heard it for the first time and I knew it was right first dance wedding song for the two us us.  I played it for my future husband and he agreed, it was perfect for us.  Thanks, Lori and Daniel
First Dance Wedding Song Reviews